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The Magic of your encounter is due to fate 

The success of your big day will be its organization

You need help and advices on some points of your organization, and others are perfectly managed by yourself or by relatives? 

Whether it is for the search for your reception venue, for some of the service providers for your day, or for the management of your guests, this tailor-made formula has the advantage of being efficient and economical.

This formula includes: 

First appointment for general orientation and needs 

Unlimited face-to-face, telephone or videoconference appointments

Research, preparation of quotes and appointments with the selected service providers (examples: venue; place of ceremony; caterer; photographer ;  videographer; light and animation DJ; children's entertainment service;  Florist service; furniture rental; car rental ; brunch the next day; aesthetic services etc. )

Google Drive space for management and administrative monitoring and budget

Technical visit to the reception and ceremony venues

On estimate

Ideal time for the first contact: 2 years to 6 months upstream

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Partial Organization

Full organization of your day, and support from A to Z.

Being surrounded by experienced professionals is the guarantee of a successfull day. The expertise of a Wedding Planner and a coordinator so as not to leave anything to chance.

Coordination of logistics with service providers and stakeholders, management of your guests and emergencies. Technical meeting at the place of your event, monitoring and management of the budget, the specifications and the retroplanning.

Being well prepared is serenity.

Price on estimate

Ideal time for first contact: 3 to 1 year in advance

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This formula includes:

      Unlimited physical, telephone or video conference meetings

      Estimation, management and monitoring of your budget

      Creation of specifications and personalized retroplanning

      Research and venue visits

      Research, quotes details and appointments with several providers based on your criteria and your expected standing

      Drive space for management and administrative follow-up and budget

      Technical visit to the ceremony and reception venues with all service providers


Optional: Before Wedding, brunch the next day, management of transport and guest accommodation, reception of guest responses. 


Full Organization


The place, the service providers, the decoration… everything has been thought out for months.

Yes, but your wedding day is above all your day and there is no question of spending it chasing after the caterer or reminding the DJ of the last details of the entertainment.

The option of leaving everything to weigh on the shoulders of your witnesses and loved ones would not allow them to live this day fully with you. 


A coordinator on D-Day is the assurance that everything will be done as you want, without you having to worry about it.

Smile, and enjoy.

This formula includes: 

      3 physical appointments, or by videoconference; Unlimited telephone appointments

      Advice on organization, time, travel and guest management

      Creation of the D-Day schedule; a document summarizing the "who does what and when?" and all the useful information of contacts, times and places

      Reception and assistance of guests, witnesses, surprises and entertainment

      Coordination and management of face-to-face service provider teams (i.e. approximately 12 hours of presence on D-Day)

      Schedule and contingency management

From 690€00

Ideal time for first contact: 9 to 6 months in advance

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D-Day Coordination 


A secular ceremony is a space in its own right to be created for a particular moment of your day. 

A ceremonial arch, suitable decor, a desk for the officiant, accessories and objects related to your ceremonial ritual are so many things to think about and install to celebrate your union._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

I take care of the installation and uninstallation on site, and offer you a range of decoration adapted to your ceremony. 

This service includes:

     1 Appointment on site for setting up the Ceremony decor

      Creation of a document presenting the decor and ritual elements to be included in your ceremony.

      Contact and coordination with the ceremonial officiant

Contact and coordination with the florist service

     Updated site installationJ and uninstallD+1

optional: creation of artificial floral decoration, creation of the ceremony booklet, creation of the Bride's ribbon game, etc.


From 390€00

Ideal time for first contact: 9 to 6 months in advance

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Decoration of the Ceremony


Choose a theme that suits you, match the colors, create harmony, manage the different spaces, the entrance, the exteriors; in this field we do not really know when it is the first time that we organize a large reception. The time needed to set up and put away all the decoration for your wedding over the weekend seems too complicated to manage? 

Advice and proposals, as well as a well-filled list of service providers, are my assets to create your dream reception. 


Installation of interior & exterior spaces  

General arrangement of the decoration

D ½ daytime 

Continuation of the implementation of the decoration & small details

Coordination with the florist service 



and refurbishment

from the place of reception

interior Exterior

Return of equipment 

This service includes:

     minimum 2 appointments for the creation of your decoration trend

      Advice & design of floral decoration with the florist

      Technical visit to the site of reception

     Creation of the layout plan and interior and exterior spaces

      Creation of an inspiration board for all service providers in order to unify the decoration theme

From 1190€00

Ideal time for first contact: 1 year to 6 months in advance

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Design & Decoration Complete 

Want a wedding for two or in a very small committee? 

This perspective is attracting more and more couples who want to spend a memorable day as a couple or with their very close family while maintaining the traditional aspects of marriage. Yes it is possible! 

Organization of an activity for the day, selection and reservation of an intimate place in privatization for the day, the weekend or even the week, reservation of an adequate catering service, creation of an atmosphere to celebrate and celebrate your union , in complete privacy.

Complete formula from €1,790.00

Ideal time for first contact:1 year to 3 months upstream

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This formula includes:

      Organization and coordination of a day for 2 to 10 people

      Unlimited face-to-face, telephone or videoconference appointments

      Estimate, management and monitoring of your budget 

      Search and management of 5 services_cc781905-5cde-3193_cf-b5d5bad3

      Sélection, réalisation de devis et prise de RDVS avec plusieurs  prestataires répondant à vos criteria and your standing 

      Provision of a Drive spacefor management and administrative follow-up and budget

      Decoration of the dining area or the ceremony area of your choice


Optional: research and management of additional services, decoration of an additional space, coordination and activities for additional days.


Intimate wedding or "Elopement"

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